moving to posthaven

I have horrible web posting "habits". I've had too many blogs, in too many places, under too many names.

Here's the latest change. Maybe it'll stick this time. I'm moving to It may not have as many features as other blog services, and currently there is no way to customize the look, but I think it has the right features, and the most important feature is their promise to keep stuff online forever.

So... Maybe this one will actually last.

bicycle commuters in Saudi Arabia

Completely awesome video of bicycle commuters in Saudi Arabia.

One very cool bit is near the end when they discuss the rights of travelers and how, "according to Islam," the rights of the weak come before the rights of strong, so therefore bicycles have more right to the road than cars, and pedestrians have more rights than cyclists. Of course this is the pedestrian-cyclist-car right hierarchy, but it's cool to hear it come from a religious/ethical foundation.

today's happenings

  • My new tilley LTM5 came today. Size 7 1/2. I saw some LTM6s at REI when I was in California, and was tempted. I decided to do some research before spending that dough. Glad I did. The LTM5 is basically the same hat, except with shorter brim, which is good (maybe just better?) for cycling.
  • I ordered a 13" macbook pro retina. From the refurb store of course. It may be a mistake to order one right now since it's likely there are new models coming out in a couple weeks (+/-). I believe (hope!) it won't make any difference in my case since I'm buying refurbs anyway. But I don't want to wait a month. Bahia's computer (old, old mac mini) is getting too dodgy, so it's time to hand something down to her.
  • Dental appointment tomorrow. Yippee.
  • Heajun came in today from Korea. She's staying in our new guest room (Adib's room). Cleaned it up yesterday. Lotsa dust. Put new bulbs in the ceiling light. (The two that were in there were dead. Adib never thought it was worth addressing.) Moved the desk to the corner, out of the middle of the room. Piled up some boxes in the closet.

charts from 10-aug-2013 bike ride

Here are some charts from the my bicycle ride from kapolei to north shore via kaena point. Eli asked how long this ride was.

Basically, it was 5 hours, and we had a solid lunch break. We (Brendon, Kaz, Bayan and myself) were not trying to go fast. The route we took was off-road as much as possible. For instance, from Kapolei into Waianae, we rode the trail/path beside the railroad tracks rather than in the street. When we got to Ma'ili, then we got on the street. (If you look at the actual google map and zoom in, you can see exactly where we were on or off the road.)

Of course when you get past the beach at Kaena Park, you're on the Kaena Point Trail. It's mostly rideable, but there are places you will walk, depending on your bicycle and your off-road skills, because of the rocks and holes and stuff. There is the washout where you have to carry your bicycle up the hill and over. After the point, getting back to the road on north shore requires a couple miles riding over where the motor-off-road folks like to play. Lots and lots of big dips and again some rocky areas.

This ride has been done with street bikes, but I prefer fat 2" (or nearly 2") tires. Or you could get completely ridiculous...

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