got new iphone

This morning, a few hours after I'd gotten out of bed, I picked up my phone to find that it was *hot*. I had charged it overnight, and it had only been unplugged about 3 hours, but the battery was down to 20-something percent. And it was *hot*.

This phone is an HTC One S that I've had for about 1 1/2 years. It's never been great in the battery department, but never that bad.

Of course, I knew (from previous experience) that there was some process gone wild in there chewing up CPU as fast as it could, draining the battery and burning up the phone. I checked the battery eater report and there were a couple "services" responsible for eating all the power.

"Oh well, whatever," I think and restart it, and plug it back in.

About an hour later I pick it up, and it's just as hot as before, and the battery level has not really made any progress. Check the battery usage report again and the same things are still there, going crazy, eating my electricity.

I took it down to the local t-mobile store (yes, I'm on t-mobile - I've got 5 people on my plan) and asked the nice lady there. She pointed out that this model never was great with batteries. (She'd had one herself.) I've got the $8/month support plan, so I had the option to send it in for "repair".

I'd been thinking about switching back to iphone, so after a bit of chatting, I decided to take the $85 trade in value on the HTC One S and put that towards a 16g iphone 5c.

I had an iphone way back, and switched to android "to check it out". I'm thinking this HTC thing was my third android phone. Anyway, even though theoretically you can do just about anything on an android that you can do on an iphone, it was always annoying to me that I couldn't really get my music on there reasonably. Yes, I rely on iTunes to manage my music. So I've always ended up having an ipod for music.

I've never had an android smart phone that I didn't charge every night, and expect the battery to get scary low before end of day, if I actually used the phone. I'm in the habit of charging my phone whenever I get in the car, and typically charge it off my computer if I'm out of the house. (Doing wifi hotspot eats battery.)

Well, I guess I didn't really have as many reasons as I thought. In any case, the HTC is gone, and I've got a new iphone here.

I miss the swipe keyboard already.